Branding for Your Ideal Client

comes back around


Let me tell you a story about my Friday night last week. I left my store to find a list of notifications on a forum post about a new bridal design company that launched. People were livid and posts were flying. This company had put out a major PR push to introduce themselves to the world, utilizing industry and media connections and spreading their message. 

As a side note…the very expensive PR pushes that get the same exact article sent to a whole bunch of minor corners of the internet within 2-3 days are rarely effective. Save your money. Get press organically.

And why were all of these store owners buzzing about an article on a mid level tech news site about wedding dresses? (Yes, wedding dresses and tech…I know, it’s a strange link. But they use the internet for their business, so…I guess that’s a big breakthrough? The author and co-founder were college buddies.)

Because ooo-wee, was it a doozie. 

This fledgling company smeared the bridal industry left and right, alleging 25x mark ups, scam-like sales tactics.and all sorts of ill-natured motives and sky high profits. I think everyone here has their gripes with the status quo of the industry, but they didn’t delineate. They weren’t just aiming at the factories that pump out low quality en masse and charge far more than it’s worth. They were going after the mid-level, independently owned boutiques. The whole line up of bridal designers. Everyone and everything was on notice.

I’ve posted about them on the Wed/Altered Facebook page. Boutiques have flooded their comment section. They are unapologetic. I have my business and analytic driven theories about their philosophy and game plan, but that’s unimportant. They’ve made it clear that this is their message. This is how they mean to reach their brides and make their mark. 

And when I started drafting this post, I was still a little fired up about defending the industry and business owners I love…but really, this is all about branding, isn’t it? The message you spread about your company is what attracts people to your door or inbox. Is it speaking to your people? 

The message you spread about your company is what attracts people to your door or inbox. Is it speaking to your people? 

I thought a little J.T. may illustrate the point I’m making well…what goes around comes back around. And what I love about that phrase is that it’s generally true, and hugely open to interpretation. It is often used as a threat of sorts, but it can be a promise of the best kind. 

So let’s take this and put a positive spin on it. Let them bring in the customers that are attracted to that kind of message. Who are your ideal customers? And how can you bring them through your door?

I work through in depth branding work with coaching clients all the time, and the clearer you are about who you want to help, the better you can fine tune your message. 

I would challenge you to define exactly who your ideal bride is. Know what they look for, what solutions and services they need, and be able to articulate and provide that flawlessly.

Use the language of their desires and pain points. Acknowledge their feelings. You have a high quality product, that’s great. So do thousands of other companies. The way you make them feel is what makes them your people.

Once you have that language, put it out there consistently. Let your About page, your social media bios, your logo, your colors, your style, your coffee posts, everything you do…let it go around and do the work of showing the world who you and your business are. When it comes back around, you’ll find your days filled with exactly the type of people you invited through the door. And hopefully that’s an exciting promise.