Dear Family, Friends, and Random Jogger,

Hands high five lo res


Tonight I went to my studio space to unload gear from a bridal show so that we could use our family car again. It’s not a short walk from my parking space to the front door, so it was a somewhat tedious process. At one point, I was struggling to push open the large, heavy old door without allowing a big metal pole to smash into the window. It wasn’t going well, but I have a love/hate relationship with the door and this was nothing new. All of the sudden I heard “I got it” and the door stayed open so I was able to go through.

Some nice jogger had paused his run to grab the door to my store for me. It sounds like no big deal. To him, it probably was no big deal. It took less than 2 seconds. But it reminded me of what allows me to do what I do. It’s all the little 2 second things people do that add up to a community of support. (By the way, have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood lately?)

Small business owners are a strange bunch. The world views us as independent go-getters, people who like to push themselves, who need no one to pick them, who are out there to prove their dreams…and a lot of us are. But we can’t and don’t exist without you, without the people who take just two seconds to listen, share, encourage, and support. Yes, any purchase is a huge help. But so is that one resource you saw in an article yesterday that made you think of me. And that one lady who needed exactly what I sell…and you can’t remember her name, but can you have a card to pass along? You all do it, all the time, and it adds up so much more than you know.

My friends and family make it clear they love and support what I do. I’m so very lucky. And the random people I meet, the industry connections I make, the word-of-mouth and good vibes that come from the community locally and at large make all the difference in the world. 

That 2 seconds you spend giving a small business owner (or anyone, really) a leg up, a helping hand, or an encouraging smile may only take a short time. But one potential customer, one industry intro, or an extra skip in our step as we go make that important sales call could lead to a big chain of events for us. 

You never know what your small gesture can mean to someone. Because everything can always change in just 2 seconds. In fact, it’s the only way it does. 

Everything changes just a few seconds at a time and if we’re lucky there’s always someone there to help make sure it’s for the better.


Dear family, friends, and random jogger,

Thank you. Most sincerely.

From the bottom of my heart,