Don’t Make a Wish – Make a Plan.

make a wish


If you were around for the last post, you know exactly how you feel about your 2016 and what happened for you and your business. (If not, go there first!)

The biggest step you can take toward launching your business to the next level is to know what that level is. Take your current business and daily life reality and put it to the side for a minute. I’m not asking you were you think your business will be in 365-ish days. I’m telling you to define it. To dream it. Name it and build it. What you think is likely and what you can purposefully create are two drastically different plans. But only if you take the time to figure out what your goal is, plan specific action, and revisit it regularly to keep it in your vision.


You know people have driven major growth in their company in just 12 months. Maybe even you. So what’s stopping your 2017 from being one of those stories? If you have a good product and a drive to create a reality for yourself that allows you to live your days the way you want and to help the people and causes that matter to you, you can do that. 

Ignore your expectations. Shut out your daily life, just for the next 30 seconds. Close your eyes, and start getting specific. Picture a perfect day. Figure out where you want to be.

Now open them, grab a pen and paper, and put down some concrete details. I’m talking numbers, names, dates, and places. How many new clients do you want? What income will you make? What’s the big “why” goal that’s pushing you forward?

Plan Some Action

How many times have you heard the quote “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”? It’s so overused because it’s so darn true. Most people don’t even get to the point of actually defining their goals. I have a few theories on why that is. 

(You can’t technically fail if you don’t ever measure anything, right? But can you really succeed?) 

And then of the people who do write down specific goals, the majority won’t say the when and what and how they’ll need to achieve them. But if you’re here on Wed/Altered, running your own business, doing your own thing, I know you aren’t “most people”. You aren’t about to let another 2000+ hours of work go by without making sure you get what you want out of it.

So take your goals and compare them to your current statistics of 2016. What will get you from one point to the other? Look at clients, habits, team members, mindset, tools…anything you can think of.

Name actions and give them a date.

Revisit Often

Here comes the internet “woo-woo”. Repetition makes belief. Belief can go a long way in creating reality.

I am not a “call out your desires to the Universe” person. But I do know that your decision making can be driven by fear or by determination. The only thing controlling that is you.  Everything you do and say will have a little bit of what you’ve put into  your head over and over again behind it. And the more your actions and words move towards your positive, the more likely it is to become true.

So, first of all, write them down. Don’t type! Write.

Then, put them somewhere you can see them. Read them out loud. Make them positive, already-happening kind of statements. Do this all year. 

Grab a few people who will support you. I don’t mean announce it to the world so you’re too embarrassed to fail. That’s not a positive mentality. Find a group of like minded people aiming for their new realities too, and build on each others’ ideas. Borrow each others’ enthusiasm (you’ll need it sometimes). Stick with it. Celebrate. Push forward.

And when you sit down again at the end of 2017 to do it all over again, I promise, you’ll be looking forward to it.

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