Out of the Office: Block time to step away and work on big thinking projects.

I’ve been working with a few coaching clients to block their schedule. We deal with the advice you hear in every business blog post…answer email once a day, take a walk, lay out your action items, etc. And it’s a huge impact when  you implement things that streamline and deal with the little bits that can quickly suck up a whole day with busyness but without much progress! But it does more to save your sanity than move you toward your big time dreams…

That’s why we’ve also been focusing building in times to work on their business. Taking a few hours a week (or even a month) and sitting down to tackle something that often gets pushed back. Things that are important with a capital I, but not necessarily urgent. Everyone’s 90 day and 1 year goals are different so this varies, but it’s usually something like goal setting, project planning, year long scheduling, blog posts, creative projects, collection development, big picture marketing, lead system development, and personal or professional development.

This is a short post, because it’s really more of a challenge than a lesson or a big answer to an industry question.

I’m challenging you to try this. Block out 4+ hours at least once this month and really dive into something you know would push you forward that you may never get to devote that much time and energy to otherwise.

(If you’re going to exhibit at Bridal Market, this is especially important! You need to do big picture stuff regularly and very early so you aren’t panicked 7 weeks before and you miss out on the big opportunities that a solid, forward thinking foundation would have given you.)

Even when a client has a separate office space, I encourage them to try this. Putting yourself in an environment you enjoy, that’s novel to you, and hidden to other people and the usual distractions will give you a boost. Make a playlist, get a drink, and get to work. I’ll be back in a month to ask you how it’s going!