Flip the Script – Moving past the thought loop that’s holding you back in your business growth

“I don’t have the time to tackle that project.”

“I need to learn _____ before I can offer that to clients.”

“I don’t know enough.”

“I’ll run out of money.”

“Clients won’t pay that price.”

“I won’t meet that goal.”

“It’s been done already.”

Any of those sound familiar? I know they do to me…I pulled a few directly from an activity I did a while back during a workshop on creating and sustaining a success mindset. And I can tell you from experience, they’ll eat away at your ambition and your ability to take the big leap you need to reach the next level in building your dream business.

Everyone fights these thoughts. Impostor Syndrome is a common foe in the world of creative entrepreneurs and the wedding industry is no different. When you do the uncommon (picking yourself to start something), “reality” tries to kick in and push you back into your current comfort zone. It’s not fun. But it is safe. And safe is what instincts are made for.

The way to create growth and to give yourself a space to build and attract success is to contradict the thoughts meant to keep you playing small. Create a new system of reinforcement that builds a positive outlook. Just about the only thing you have full control over is which thoughts you allow to set up camp in your brain. Why not make them ones you want to spend time with?

Every little thing you do is influenced by the overriding outlook you have on your abilities and prospects. If you expect success, you’ll do things that point toward successful results. If you fear failure, you’ll act out of fear and hold back at key moments. It will invade your facial expressions during sales meetings, your tone in social media outreach, your choices in product offerings, your confidence in your pricing, even your responses to inquiries in emails.

If you want to build a sustainable business you love, to take leaps, to create and enjoy your work and be paid fairly for it, you must, must, must train your thoughts to be your biggest fan! So here’s the challenge for today:

Take the next 5 minutes and write down your top 3-4 doubts about yourself and your ability to build your business and create success. Then write the opposite, even if it feels untrue.

So “Clients won’t pay that price” becomes “My ideal customer sees the value in my product/services and happily pays for it.” And “I don’t have time for that.” is now “I build my schedule and have the time I need to work toward my goals.”

Every time you feel one of the doubts pop up, contradict it with the reverse. Write them on sticky notes and put them where you’ll see them. Memorize them and say them over to ¬†yourself as you brush your teeth every day. It’s not easy work, fighting your own mind, but it’s important. It takes consistency. I hope you’ll try it for a few weeks and see how you feel. And tell me about it!

You can choose what you tell yourself…why not flip the script and make it something that pushes you to new heights and big work? The world and your clients will thank you for it.