About Christen

Christen Schneider is the founder of the wedding business collective Wed/Altered. She coaches wedding business owners around the world to grow sustainable businesses they love. She is available for speaking, a maintains a limited number of 1-on-1 clients, leads programs and intensives, and creates tools and resources that give genuine, actionable support and knowledge.

Wed Altered formed when Christen brought together an amazing group of independent bridal designers who were ready to approach bridal fashion business and wholesale in a different way. She organized shows during New York Bridal Fashion Week for years as the group grew and shifted. It’s now a thriving community and has pulled in like minded bridal store owners and other wedding businesses around the world.

She’s a certified teacher with experience in trade shows, sales and marketing, serving couples, retail, the educational technology industry, and bridal fashion design. She has found her home in the world of small business coaching and loves working with independent business owners who are determined to make some noise and make a difference. If you’re ready to see the kind of growth that only comes when you take on business from a new and true-to-you perspective, get in touch and let’s get moving!