The Story of Wed/Altered

When I was looking to take my line to NYC for Market as a new designer, I started to get very frustrated by the expense, the lack of information, the cookie cutter designs, and the general aloneness I felt in the industry. So I started looking for answers. I called and interviewed people. I brainstormed new ways to do things and looked for a way to reach my ideal clients that felt authentic to who I was and what I wanted my company to stand for. 

One day the idea that it could be done better together led to the creation of the first Wed/Altered show. I collected a group of other independent designers and put on our own show the same weekend as the NYC Bridal Market. It was a blast. It was a success. It was a movement. It grew wings and took off faster than I ever imagined.

I ended up making the decision to switch my focus from my dresses to growing the amazing tribe we had gathered. I have the heart of a teacher (and the license to go with it), and I am so passionate about our purpose in this industry. I knew Wed/Altered was something worth pouring into. I started to find store owners who were on the same page as us and realized how far we could reach. So many businesses have connected and grown through our group and I am so very proud of everything we’ve accomplished. 
Our show has grown each time and our last one was a great step of partnering with the New York International Bridal Week at Pier 94. We had our own group space in the larger show and we got our name out there more than ever before. In between shows we’ve done webinars, trunk shows, and events. We have an a Facebook pagefor industry outreach and an active closed Facebook group just for designers.
I work to promote the idea that indie designers and store owners are out there and ready to change things. We’re pushing each other to build a more conscientious and sustainable industry, to design and sell from the heart, to serve brides who want to be themselves and don’t answer to tradition, and to champion the small business owner who builds a life of their dreams while giving brides dresses they love and can’t find in a cookie-cutter industry.

Now the group has coaching, events, conferences, the New York show, and even some international shows in the works. Don’t miss out on anything! Join us here!