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Bridal Market Intensive

If you're getting ready for Bridal Market, you know that it's a big investment of time and money. No bridal designer wants to go in feeling unsure of what to do. You need substantial information and support to get all the pieces in place and go in with the skills and confidence you need to lead great sales appointments and get buyers excited about buying your line.

That's why we're launching the Bridal Market Prep Intensive. We'll go over the checklists and how tos and what-to-expects so you can tick off all the boxes and make sure everything is up to industry standard. And if you've been to market before, we'll do a thorough review of how it went, what to bring back, and make a step by step plan for improvement.

But here's the thing...I've coached designers for years on how to get ready for exhibiting at market. I've seen first year set ups outperform veteran designers. I've seen people knock their sales goals out of the water year after year. They all did the same basic prep as the designers who went home discouraged. They came with dresses and linesheets and talked to buyers. So what's the difference?

They did the groundwork. They found their ideal buyers and built relationships with them for months. They worked on their sales points and practiced their presentation. They planned their marketing messages and their booth set up to match the soul of their brand. They put everything together with the expectation that they could succeed and meet their goals. 

Those are the details we'll really dig into. Those are the parts you can't afford to miss.

The Bridal Market Intensive will make sure you have the information, support, and encouragement to make that a possibility for you.

Thursday 5/18/17

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm EST

What it includes:

  • Time for reflecting  - (Before we meet) Go through what's brought you and your brand to the point of exhibiting at Market this year. Go through your past marketing efforts, any current relationships with buyers, and, if you've gone, your previous experiences exhibiting at a Bridal Market. Knowing what you have behind you helps get ready for moving forward. You'll get this prework before we get together so you're all set to really dive deep right away.
  • Laying the groundwork - Find your ideal stores and make a plan to get them to schedule an appointment. This includes tools to build a lead system for identifying your key buyers and tracking your marketing outreach during the months leading up to and after Market.
  • Getting ready - Have all the physical pieces put together for your show space, including decoration, set up, lighting, printed marketing materials, models, and the little touches that leave buyers smiling. Think checklists, inspiration boards, and design and layout worksheets.
  • Nailing the appointments - Planning and practicing a game plan for the actual days of exhibiting, because the worst thing you can do is invest all the time and money to get there and then just wing it when you actually get a chance to sell. You'll be creating specific sales points that tell buyers exactly what makes your collection so special.
  • Following up - Making sure you connect with buyers to confirm or close sales and keep up the conversation with any warm leads. Markets are part of a year round want to carry that momentum forward on purpose.

We'll start with a 3 hour virtual intensive as a group to work through the workbook that has all the info from those sections and space for you to do real, meaningful work right on the spot. I don't believe in lectures. This is a work session. You'll get the information you need. You'll be able to ask questions and bounce ideas around. And you'll leave with plans you can take action on that day to make your Market investment one that propels you and your business forward.

After the group intensive, every attendee will get a  30 minute coaching call 1-on-1 with me. We'll cover your follow up questions after you've had a week or two to get the ball rolling and let the info and ideas sink in. We'll go through anything  you didn't want to go over in the group setting and we'll talk about your specific goal setting and your dream stores. You'll get my undivided attention on your business and your plans to make this year's Market worth every penny.

Why it Works...


I have had the pleasure of having Christen on my side through the transition from Custom Bridal Design to Bridal Wholesale. I wanted the transition to be quick and usually that means painful, but in this case having someone who was willing and able to answer my questions made the transition a lot easier.
 As a Designer so much heart and time goes into the creating, it can be overwhelming and even hard to imagine taking a next step. Growth means time, time for research and time to create and test processes. 
Christen is the key to making all of that happen smoothly, just knowing someone knowledgeable is on your side is massively helpful but aside from knowledge and support she is extremely professional, delightful and easy to work with. She is genuinely dedicated to assisting in the process, she is an asset to the Industry. 

Anya Getzlaf,

The Investment:


For the pre work, the whole group session, and a 1-on-1 time to focus on your business.

Thursday 5/18/17

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


You'll get my Sales Script tool to help you put together marketing emails and phone calls for when you reach out to buyers. Know what you're going to say and nail your message every time, no shaky voice or boring emails included.

Not sure? I'm really proud of the info and tools I've gathered in the years of work I've done at Market and coaching designers and I know this program can help anyone going to exhibit make the most of their investment and their trip. Shoot me an email at with your questions and we'll talk it through!