Packaging and Pricing (2)Packaging and Pricing (2)

Get the monthly advice and support you need to build a successful business and lifestyle you love.

“I just feel like it’s always right there, but never really happens.”

“But what if they don’t like me?”

“People won’t pay that much. I’ll lose clients.”

“Someday I’ll be able to…”

After years of working with wedding business owners, I’ve seen certain topics pop up over and over again that are keeping them from really breaking through to the next level. It’s never a professional flaw or a lack of skill or knowledge in their area of expertise. Most creative entrepreneurs are passionate about always learning and developing their craft, it’s why they put it all on the line and do what they do. So what is it?

It’s the foundation of their thoughts and their approach to things like money, income, sales, and defining their goals and desires. Really, it’s those things that make your business actually profitable and keep you fulfilled and happy. Why? Why do those so-essential things get left in the dust?

Because it’s messy, and overwhelming, and it can feel pretty damn selfish. You don’t know where to start or what to try. You’re not a fan of dredging up and dwelling on insecurities and fears. And you feel like you should put your art or your clients first…but how long will you be around to serve them if you really keep that up?

show me (3)show me (3)

What can you do?

You cannot make the jump from hourly paid freelancer who’s always looking for the little strides to a successful business owner with a plan for meaningful growth if you don’t change the way you approach success, money, and planning. That’s why we have our new monthly Wedding Business Builders group program.

It’s a mastermind built around the idea that you can create a sustainable business and lifestyle you love if you are willing to put in the work to dive deep, tackle your limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you and your business back, and connect with your desires and the real value you bring to the table for your customers.

What will you find in the program?

Wedding Business Builders will tackle monthly topics, working with intention to create clarity and focus that will allow them to make and attract more in their business. More growth, more clients, more consistency, more confidence, more sales…more of what it takes to reach those goals you’ve pictured but haven’t gotten to  yet.

We’ll focus on the success and money mindset side of your business. Because your products, services, email routines, marketing, and social media schedules won’t actually put dollars in your bank or ideal clients on your calendar until you can combine them with the ability, desire, and confidence to sell and grow.

Some of the topics we’ll tackle:

Money matters – Knowing what you make, what you want, and connecting with the why behind it.
Sales and money conversations – Developing the skills and confidence to help the right clients find a “yes” to working with you at a price that values your skills and services.
Income and investment – Being aware of your cash flow, planning how to use and pay back credit, and being purposeful with your money
Money beliefs and building a success mindset – Moving past limiting beliefs about your current situation, your money potential, and building a belief system that points your daily thoughts and actions toward positive outcomes.
Desires and planning – bringing clarity and personal investment to your goals based on your desires for your lifestyle, your business, and the impact you want to have on your family and community.
Thought patterns and confidence – flip the script on the thought loops that are affecting your mindset and holding you back as you make decisions for your business.
Packaging and pricing – Raise your prices, streamline your process, and sell it easily while bringing your clients more value than ever.
Profit pyramids and long term planning – Building a vision for continual growth and what it will actually take to get there.
Other ideas and support – This group is built around all of you and what you need. If there’s a topic or a roadblock that’s popping up for people, we’ll dive in.

How it works:

One monthly live training session with me on a business building topic with personal and immediate actions you can apply to your daily work and sales. Each monthly training session will include some coaching and questions from me to help you push forward and time for you to ask for clarity or explanations. (These are also recorded so you can access them any time after.)
One monthly live group mastermind where everyone brings one or two of their big questions in their business about that month’s topic. I’ll offer support and input and the group can chime in with brainstorming and feedback from their similar experiences. (These are also recorded.)
Weekly homework and to dos to make sure you keep on track and put the time to work on your business first.
A private group for support, community, and conversation.

This is a time intensive program for me and I’m committed to making it a high value group for the entrepreneurs who sign up. Membership will be limited for each group…so sign up soon! We’ll keep a waiting list and open more spots as they become available.

(Because there is a big difference between the world of wedding vendors and bridal designers, there is a separate group for designers. Make sure you head there if that describes you!)

Ready to grab your spot and get started?

It’s a only a monthly cost of $125 (for over 2 hours of live work with me and weekly support and tools). It’s the best way to dive in to investing in your business and building the life you desire by committing to consistent action.

Even better? You can save over $250 if you want to grab 6 months at once for $499!

*This is a rolling enrollment group and will be here whenever you’re ready (if there are open spots). However, these are our Early Bird prices (less than half the final planned price for this program). They won’t stay this low for long. As spots fill up and the program gets rolling, we’ll be raising the investment. Jump in before they go up!*

For Wedding Vendors and Bridal Stores

For Bridal Designers (Custom and Wholesale)

Not sure? I’m really proud of the info and tools I’ve gathered in the years of work I’ve done in the industry and coaching business owners and I know this program can help anyone move past what’s holding them back from the kind of business they truly dream of…Shoot me an email at with your questions and we’ll talk it through!