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Create a plan you can use right away to rapidly grow a business that you enjoy, that brides love, and that makes you money.

Imagine finding answers and clarity so you can finish your work week happy and relaxed with time to spend on things other than dresses or accessories. Here at Wed Altered, you'll find perspective, tips, and info from someone who's been in all aspects of the bridal fashion world. I work hard to get you the hard truths, encouraging words, and accountability you need to make things happen. 

There's help for fashion designers, wedding planners, photographers, and bloggers. I know you've looked out there and found the answers to everyone else's questions but yours. Well, the help you're looking for is here any time you need it. I'm really excited for us to get started!


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Get clarity, answers, and a plan to make more money and grow. See how to get started here.


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See what other Wed/Altered clients have to say about their sessions and our work together.


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Helpful posts and how-to info for the bridal fashion world. Got a question? Send it in!


"I just wanted to say THANKS for getting everything set up for market and organizing the Wed Altered group. I would not have been able to do market if it hadn’t been for the group so I’m very grateful to have been a part of it and been able to show my line. The response and feedback I had from retailers was great. To date, I picked up 9 new shops and took 12 orders (a few from existing shops). Revenue from the show is currently around $5,500, which is huge for accessories. I had my two biggest orders. Anyways, the value for me is not in the initial orders as much as of course the long term value the client has for my business, and I feel I made a lot of really high quality contacts and connections in the industry. "

Haley from The Yellow Peony

Done-for-you Manifesto:

I believe that love is worth decorating. That pretty is a flexible term. That traditions can be redefined. That I can make a profit and make a difference. That being happy in my work means I can serve my customers better. That a day with a plan followed by action is never wasted. That help is always there for those who seek it. And I know that I will be successful when I remember my worth, my talent, my inspiration, and to have fun.